Mitsubishi PA10 & Shadow Robotic Hand


The Shadow Robotic Hand is an anthropomorphic robotic platform used for in-hand manipulation in addition to an articulated arm such as the Mitsubishi PA10.


This platform was used in a European project called the Handle Project. My work was related to how to integrate an online classifier of objects of daily use using 2D (SIFT) and 3D (PointCloud) information for in-hand manipulation. This work was implemented in ROS.

This first video shows a simple classifier using 2D information from a RGBD Kinect camera.

The second video shows how the 2D approximation does not work properly only with 2D information.

Third video shows how it works the classifier using 3D information from a PointCloud, processing the data to improve the 2D information and avoiding occlusions.

Finally, the next video shows the project resume about all the work developed at the UC3M (Spain) and the UPC (France).


Personal website of Raúl Pérula-Martínez, Software Engineer and Roboticist. He works at the Robotronica division at Juguetronica Inc., Madrid, Spain.

Raúl has a more than 8-year R&D experience in software and robotics development, working with the most advanced social and humanoid robots out there. He is mainly working on software engineering and machine learning applied to service robotics. His deep knowledge of many programming languages as well as machine learning framework has been mainly used for project management, robotics architecture development, and artificial intelligence.