Open Source 3D Printers


3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. A 3D printer is a type of industrial robot.


Together with my team from the Robotics Society (ASROB) & IEEE Student Branch at the UC3M, we maintained a “Printed Valley” which is a placed where there are two 3d printers available for student projects.

We are mainly interested in new ways to use this technology in robotics, more specifically in educational robotics, to create fast prototypes or accessories that complement this field. You can find some of my designs in my Thingiverse profile.

Furthermore, I created a collaboration between ASROB and CREA Educational Robotics in which we do a workshop (Figure 2) for constructing your own Open Source low-cost 3d printer as showed in Figure from above.

<b><i>Figure 2</i></b>. 3d printer workshop.
Figure 2. 3d printer workshop.


Personal website of Raúl Pérula-Martínez, Software Engineer and Roboticist. He works at the Robotronica division at Juguetronica Inc., Madrid, Spain.

Raúl has a more than 8-year R&D experience in software and robotics development, working with the most advanced social and humanoid robots out there. He is mainly working on software engineering and machine learning applied to service robotics. His deep knowledge of many programming languages as well as machine learning framework has been mainly used for project management, robotics architecture development, and artificial intelligence.